Power Adjustment and Constructive Interference Alignment for Wireless Networks (PACIA) (Dezember 2009 - )

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Science Foundation)


This research project deals with foundations and constructive aspects of interference alignment, a recently discovered innovative concept for interference mitigation by cooperation. In the initial phase, two fundamental questions will be treated. First, approximate and asymptotic capacity and feasibility regions for fully connected networks will be investigated. Second, it will be clarified whether the altruistic approach of interference alignment matches certain game theoretical concepts. Subsequently, concrete specifications of interference alignment will be investigated in detail. Spatial alignment by appropriate precoding and receive filters leads to the unsolved feasibility problem for multi-antenna systems, which will be one of the central issues of this proposal. On the other hand, appropriate signaling spaces and adaptive power adjustment will be explored as a means for interference alignment for single antenna systems. Practical implementations, decentralized algorithms and suboptimal but efficient solutions will be developed in the final phase of the project, emphasizing the applicability and the performance gain of interference alignment schemes in real networks.

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