Location tracking of mobiles and hot spot detection in cellular networks

(January 2001 - ) Joint research project with SIEMENS Munich


Fast and reliable localisation of mobiles in cellular networks is getting more and more important in current and future networks. Algorithms which can be integrated without the need of any additional hardware are required eg. for hot spot localisation and tracking of mobiles.

Aim of this project is to test and improve algorithms which estimate the position by monitoring field strength data of surrounding base stations. Such data is available in present GSM-systems every 0.48 seconds, and also in CDMA-systems for transmission control. Because of strong random fluctuations of the signal, appropriate smoothing is the key point of the procedure.

The use of an algorithm based on a Kalman-Bucy filter trurns out to be extremly successful in simulations and an average precision of 30 meters is achieved.

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