Load adaption for mobile radio networks, mathematical approaches to design and control (LAMPS) (January 2001 - )

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Science Foundation)


This project deals with cellular radio networks using CDMA transmission technology. Jointly with the underlying fixed network, planning and adaptive control are investigated taking account of varying traffic load and transmission rates. Of particular interest are the positioning and dimensioning of base transmitter stations, bandwidth allocation, power control, as well as macro diversity and soft hand-off. The project will proceed along the following steps.

  1. An integrated analytical description of mobility and time dependent traffic requirements.
  2. Representation of load dependent network structures and control in hierarchical structures.
  3. Handover strategies and paging for networks of varying connectivity.
  4. Planning of the fixed network behind concerning minimal costs and optimal routing.

Simulation methods will be used whenever analytical models are out of reach.

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