Realistic Traffic and Radio Link Simulations for End-to-End Laboratory Test Systems (July 2005 - June 2006)

Joint research project with Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH, Aachen. Partly funded by the BMWA/AIF within PROINNO II


The efforts to test mobile comunications infrastructure and devices have increased as a direct result of of the growing variety of services available for such systems. Laboratory test systems provide and cheap and flexible alternative to extensively carrying out these tests in the field.

The aim of this research is to enhanceme the project partner's existing end-to-end laboratory test environment for mobile communications systems. The project consists of two major parts:

Realistic traffic-models which consider different user-types for different mobile applications. The aim is to enable automatic generation of test cases with large numbers of users and a wide variety services.

Realistic mobile radio channel models, which will consist of propagation models that use topographic and morphologic data, as well as realistic antenna patterns. These models can then be combined with stochastic models for fast fading.

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