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Resource allocation for full-duplex multi-user wireless networking with quality-of-service considerations


The need for data services increases rapidly. It is foreseen that by 2020 the mobile data traffic will be eightfold of that in 2015. This leads us to search for new technologies which achieve high spectral efficiency. Full-duplex communication (i.e., transmitting and receiving at the same time and frequency band) has this potential without requiring further resources. In this thesis, we consider a multi-user, multi-cell network deployed with full-duplex capability in a cellular topology. With the goal of providing Quality-of-Service, we investigate the weighted sum-rate maximization problem and the weighted sum-power minimization problem with rate constraints. We utilize an algorithm called Convex-Concave Procedure to solve this kind of non-convex problems. The simulation of the weighted sum-rate maximization problem shows promising results in terms of rate gain in comparison to half-duplex networks.

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