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Formulation And Evaluation Of An Integer Linear Optimization Model For WAMS Planning


Measurement and communication infrastructure becomes more essential for monitoring and control of todays power grids as the number of connected renewable energy resources grows. In this thesis, an integer linear optimization model is proposed for wide area measurement system design with minimum cost. Most other research done so far solely focuses on the planning of the measurement system or it considers just one communication technology when communication infrastructure is optimized as well. However, the approach in this thesis incorporates the optimal placement of measurement devices and data concentrators as well as a heterogenous communication network design, which considers capacity and delay requirements. We develop a new optimization model and compare its performance to a similar optimization approach for several input parameter settings. The models are applied to various test networks of different size and solved with the Gurobi and CPLEX optimizers. We show that the applicability of ILP approaches tend to be limited to small networks, which do not yet represent realistic power grids.

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