AG Kommunikationstheorie

Thema 1:

A Direction-Specific Land Use Based Path Loss Model for Suburban/Rural Areas


Fast and accurate path loss prediction is a prerequisite for effective planning and optimization of cellular radio networks. Ray optical algorithms often achieve very high prediction accuracy but consume much computation time. However, semi-empirical prediction models suffer from inherent low prediction quality but require reasonable computational effort. The proposed direction-specific model benefits from both approaches by utilizing the particular radio wave propagation characteristics of all land use segments that lay on the direct path between receiver and transmitter.

Thema 2:

Profit-Oriented Combination of Multiple Objectives for Planning and Configuration of 4G Multi-Hop Relay Networks


Generally, planning and configuring cellular radio networks lead to multi-objective optimization problems with conflicting objectives, e.g., coverage and cost. The proposed approach combines those opponents in a closed-form objective for maximization of operator profit by means of joint base station and relay station placement in 4G multi-hop relay networks. The corresponding optimization model is formulated as mixed-integer linear program and particularly considers allocation of limited bandwidth for downlink data transmission in non-cooperative relaying mode.

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