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Self-Organization in OFDM-Based Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


To cope with the growth of data traffic and the coverage holes within the buildings, femtocells, also known as Home evolved Node B (HeNB), will play an important role in the future communication networks. Nevertheless, the introduction of HeNB will also bring adverse effects like the increasing complexity of the network and significant interference to unsubscribed User Equipments (UE).

To solve these problems, the Self-Organizing Networks (SON) is investigated in this thesis. The concept of self organization is developed to improve system performance by facilitating planning, configuration, management, optimizing and healing processes in the future wireless networks. In particular, a resource allocation algorithm and a power control scheme is proposed in this work.

The results, which is obtained by extensive realistic simulations under different deployment scenarios, show heterogeneous structure can enhance capacity and coverage of the cellular networks and the proposed SON functionalities can save the power consumption while keeping a relatively low complexity.

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