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Simple decentralised market-oriented management of OFDMA Femto-cells


A femto access point (FAP) is a low-cost, low-power device intended to be installed by a home owner, to turn the home into a tiny wireless communication cell, that operates underneath a standard cell, in licensed spectrum bands. Femto-cells can improve user experience in indoor locations, and increase overall system capacity with modest monetary investment. But the unplanned dynamic nature of these cells, significantly complicate resource allocation and interference control. We propose a relatively simple, decentralised market-oriented scheme for sub-channel and power allocation when femto-cell users co-exist with those of an OFDMA macro-cell. Our scheme utilises the Dutch auction (price progressively falls until a participant buys the object). Special “confirmation messages” are used to control interference, achieve channel reuse across Femto-cells, and mitigate the “hidden terminal” problem. Secure software inside each terminal may record transactions for eventual payment collection, or the auction can be interpreted as a prioritised decentralised allocation algorithm, without real money exchange.

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