AG Kommunikationstheorie


Termin Vortragender Thema
Thursday 11.10.18 10.30 am Initial Seminar Talks
Thursday 25.10.18 10.30 am Prof. Rudolf Mathar An Information Theoretic View on Learning of Artificial Neural Networks
Monday 5.11.2018 13:00 Uhr Markus Rothe Public PhD Talk: Optimizing Large Scale Systems in Engineering
Thursday 8.11.18 10.30 am Mikel Zhobro Bachelor thesis talk: A multi-target localization with sensor networks
Thursday 8.11.18 10.30 am Peter Langenberg Internship report: Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Sports
Thursday 8.11.18 10.30 am Yi Song Internship report: Data Visualization and Data Cleaning for Predictive Road Condition Services
Monday 12.11.18 13:00 Uhr Jose Angel Leon Calvo Public PhD Talk: 5G Heterogeneous Networks for Connected Vehicles: A Cooperative Multi-Layer Approach
Monday 7.01.19 10:30 am Mehmet Tutuk Bachelor thesis talk: Localizing Wireless Sensor Entities in Sensor Networks
Monday, 21.1.19, 10.30 Uhr Mohamed Shit Final master thesis talk: Neural Network based Super-Resolution algorithms applied to Indoor Localization
Monday, 21.1.19, 10.30 Uhr Peter Langenberg Study of Adversarial Examples for Deep Neural Networks
Friday, 25.1.19, 11 am Dr. Meryem Benammar On training statistics for Neural based decoders
Wednesday, 30.1.19, 13.30 Uhr Caspar von Lengerke Master thesis talk: Evaluation and Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Methods for Multicarrier Transceivers
Thursday 31.01.19 9 am Seminarians Seminar Talks
Tuesday 5.2.19, 10 am Lennart Vater Intermediate master thesis talk: Konzeption, Implementation und Evaluation eines auf unbemannten Luftfahrzeugen basierenden Referenzmesssystems zur Absicherung automatisierter Fahrzeuge
Tuesday 5.2.19, 10 am Lennart Vater Internship report: Seminarvortrag zum Industriepraktikum bei der fka GmbH
Tuesday 19.2.19, 10 am Seyed Mohamad Nabavi Master thesis talk: Range and Angle Estimation Methods for 3D MIMO FMCW Radar Sensors
Tuesday 26.2.19, 10 am Subhodeep Chakraborty Master thesis talk: Fault location detection in power grids using machine learning methods
Tuesday 26.2.19, 10 am Robert Kämmer Internship talk: Teilautomatisierung der Vorgabezeiten (Partial automation of target time calculation)
Tuesday 5.3.19, 10 am Ankur Arohi Internship talk: Analysis of IEC norms based automated test platform development for INTEGRAL software
Thursday 28.3.19, 2:30 pm Halil Alper Tokel Public Ph.D. Talk: Integration of Communication and Power Networks for Planning and Optimization of Smart Grids
Thursday 4.4.19, 2 pm Ehsan Zandi Public Ph.D. Talk: Wireless Sensor Networks: Target Localization, Signal Estimation and Power Allocation

The AG time slots are generally offered on Mondays at 10:30 am and Thursdays at 10:30 am in the TI Seminar room (333).

A few dayes before each AG session a notification (AG reminder) will be sent. If you are interested in receiving AG reminders, or in case of any question, please contact Omid Taghizadeh .

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