Semi-Stochastic MIMO Channel Model

Sketch of a MIMO Channel Model Delay profile

Channel knowledge is important for network design, control, and optimization. Depending on the particular task, different levels of details need to be considered. Hence, there is a variety of channel models available including the WINNER MIMO channel model. The WINNER model takes into account geometric components, so-called clusters which are represented as circles in the sketch above. However, this components are following a probability distribution. The idea of our semi-stochastic channel model is to substitute the stochastically generated clusters by cluster properties which are given cause of the real environment. We achieve the cluster information by means of our radio wave propagation tool PIROPA. Overall, this allows for an environment-aware MIMO channel model which is beneficial for tasks as network planning or operation. This approach reduces the necessity of cost and time intensive drive tests and measurement campaigns. However, for calibrating purposes they are still advantageous.

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