Stochastic Networks - Analysis and Evaluation Supported by Modern Simulation Tools


Lab Dates



Within this laboratory you will learn to utilize the modern event-driven network simulator OMNeT++ to simulate and evaluate stochastic networks. Diverse approaches to the design and evaluation of stochastic networks will be worked out in the course of the lab. A particular focus of this lab is to compare theoretical and practical results to understand the advantages and limitations of mathematical modelling and simulation, respectively.

The theoretical part will cover: Typical practical problems are:


Corresponding literature will be announced at the beginning of the lab.

During the lab we will provide handouts on the script, appendix as well as homework and lab-tasks.


Mandatory for passing the laboratory course:


Dr.-Ing. Michael Reyer upon agreement
M.Sc. Jose Angel Leon Calvo upon agreement
Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Schnelling, M.Sc. upon agreement

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