MANET vs. ZigBee: Some simulation experiments at the seaport environment


S. Bauk, D. G. Gonzalez, A. Schmeink, Z. Z. Avramovic,


        The paper presents the results of some OPNET simulation experiments realized with an aim to benchmark MANET and ZigBee networks’ performances at the seaport environment. The MANET is formed among workers’ and supervisors’ personal digital assistants (PDAs). On the other side, the ZigBee is established between end-nodes or employees’ body central units (BCUs), which collect signals from several active and passive devices embedded into ID badges and personal protective equipment (PPE) pieces; several moving and fixed routers; and the coordinator mounted at the appropriate seaport location. The simulation experiments are realized over the layout of the Port of Bar (Montenegro) container and general cargo terminal by taking into account the real number of workers and supervisors engaged at the terminal per each shift. This research work should give an insight to the seaport’s managers and stakeholders into some advantages and disadvantages of these two considered wireless networks’ schemes, and to motivate them to provide conditions for implementing these or similar on seaport and backend info-communication solutions for uprising the level of occupational safety and overall seaport’s environmental management system.

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