3-D Energy Optimal Receiver Placement with Constraints on the LOS Delay and Angle


P. Ghofrani, A. Schmeink,


         This paper investigates the receiver positioningproblem in a communication network, where the transmittersare distributed arbitrarily on the XY-plane with known positions.The purpose is to find the optimal solution for the position of thereceiver such that the maximum distance between the receiverand the transmitters is minimized, while two constraints arefulfilled as follows: for any pair of transmitters, the delay causedby the difference in the distances between the transmitters andthe receiver is less than a certain value, and the angle betweenthe line-of-sight paths from each transmitter toward the receiveris within a tolerable range. The optimization problem is studiedin its general form and the characteristics of the constraints andthe objective function are analytically analyzed. According tothe conducted analyses, an appropriate sub-optimal solution isproposed and an extensively reduced feasible set to find the opti-mum solution is presented. Although this optimum positioningapproach might act merely as a performance enhancer—suchas an energy optimizer or a delay minimizer—in conventionalsystem designs, it is a crucial component for signal processing andconstellation design in many multiplexing transmission schemes,as well as in the fast detection scenarios.

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