Physical Layer Spoofing Against Eavesdropping Attack


O. A. Topal, M. O. Demir, G. Dartmann, A. Schmeink, G. Ascheid, A. E. Pusane, G. K. Kurt,


        In this work, we propose a defense mechanism against an eavesdropper attack with the help of a spoofer node. The purpose of the legitimate transmitter is to send a confidential message without revealing it to the eavesdropper. The spoofer node aims at masking the transmission of the confidential message by emitting a falsifying signal. We define the probability of spoofing an eavesdropper as the spoofing probability and obtain the closed form expression in presence of fading channels. We also obtain the spoofing rate and the spoofing probability under a selected communication rate requirement for Alice and Bob.

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