Exam Optimization in Engineering


Exam Dates (Campus)


We offer a written examination on Tuesday, 18.08.2015 in Roter Hörsaal AM (Ro), Wüllnerstr. 9. The exam will begin at 8.30am.

During the exam you may use a non-graphical, non-programmable calculator from this list as well as the formulary sheet of optimization, which will be distributed by us at the same time as the exam problems. Bringing your own material is forbidden.

The exam problems will be in English. However, you may answer either in German or English.

Script and Handouts

Consultation hour

Prof. Dr. A. Schmeink nach Vereinbarung
Dr. Michael Reyer nach Vereinbarung
Alper Tokel M.Sc. nach Vereinbarung
Christoph Schmitz nach Vereinbarung